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Principal's Message


At JDSS we are very pleased to be offering parents a new and convenient way to pay for items at school. Parents will now be able to submit payments electronically in much the same way as many people do online banking. The Frequently Asked Questions below should answer most of your questions. We will be going Live with School Cash Online on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions – School Cash Online

  • What is the purpose of School Cash Online?
School Cash Online offers the convenience of making online payments for their student’s field trips, pizza days, milk program, agendas, yearbook, school clothing orders, school fundraising, etc.  Using this method of payment will help eliminate the need to carry cash in schools and thereby reduce the risk of theft cash misplacement. It also provides parents with more flexibility and control on how they distribute contributions to the school.

  • How is School Cash Online beneficial to parents?
School Cash Online provides parents with access and convenience at any time to pay for student activities. Parents will receive email notifications of upcoming events and items, and be able to maintain an electronic receipt history for items purchased.  Parents will have the opportunity to pay for multiple items for their child(ren) all at once and with ease.

  • Is the School Cash Online software secure?
It is top priority to keep your personal information safe.  School Cash Online will never contact you by phone, email or mail to ask you to divulge confidential information. School Cash Online does not share any of your personal information with any third party.  The software does not store your payment information on the web server or any computers or other devices. School Cash Online has partnered with industry-leading data centers and financial institutions to ensure that banking information is transmitted safely and securely.

  • How do I create an account?
School Cash Online has been designed to be a user-friendly, efficient online payment system.  All you need to do is follow these four simple steps to get started:

  • Register your own secure personal payment account by filling out the registration form on “Get Started Today”:

  • Add a Student – once you have confirmed your account, add your child(ren) to the account to view and pay for school expenses. You will be prompted for this information upon login. This feature is also located under the “Items” or “My Account” tabs.
  • Pay School Expenses – Pay for any selected school expenses by adding the items to the cart and checking out.
  • Print Receipt – Print a copy of the transaction receipt for your personal records. This information can also be found under “Payment History”.
  • Can each parent have a separate account?
Yes. School Cash Online was designed for parents, grandparents and guardians to have individual accounts. The student can be added to up to five different accounts.

  • Why does School Cash Online need my email address?
  • For your username to log into the system
  • To email you a receipt for payments processed
  • To enable you to receive email notifications of school events and activities
  • What methods of payment are available?
There are three methods of payment:  eCheque, My Wallet, and credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

  • What is eCheque?
An eCheque is an electronic funds transfer that withdraws money directly from your bank account. It is similar to writing a cheque, only it is done electronically.  When you send money with an eCheque, the transaction will be held as pending until the electronic funds have cleared your bank.  Please allow a few days for processing.

  • Does School Cash Online save my eCheque details?
School Cash Online does not store your eCheque details for security reasons and industry compliancy. Therefore, parents must enter the information each time they checkout.

  • How long does it take for money to be deducted from my bank account?
Most payments are deducted within three business days. This may depend on your individual banking institution.

  • What is “My Wallet”?
“My Wallet” is a free online payment account that parents can deposit funds into and then use to pay for items online. Parents can deposit funds into their “My Wallet” account on the School Cash Online website under the “My Wallet” tab.  You can print a receipt for funds deposited into your “My Wallet’.

  • How can I obtain a refund from “My Wallet”?
Funds transferred into “My Wallet” do not expire and remain available for purchases until funds are fully drawn down. Refund requests for unused funds can be made at any time by submitting a request to

Please include the following information:  Username, First and Last Name of Student, and School Board Name.

  • Which credit card options are available?
The credit card options available are Visa and MasterCard. School Cash Online does not store credit card information for security reasons and industry compliancy. Therefore, the information has to be entered at each checkout.

  • Will I get a receipt?
You will receive confirmation of your items purchased once your payment has been successfully processed. You are able to print a copy of the electronic receipt by clicking the “Print” icon. This information is recorded in the “Payment History” tab.

  • How do I know if my payment was successful?
Once you have reached the payment receipt page, your payment was successfully completed. If you are in any doubt as to the success of your payment, select the "Payment History" tab to view your historic information of payments made.

  • How can I obtain a refund?
Refunds are permitted if the product or service is cancelled, or at the discretion of the school.

  • To receive a refund on your account, please submit a request to the school, detailing the purchase with supporting information (School, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Date of Transaction, Item(s) Purchased and Amount).
  • I am trying to purchase an item, but it is not listed.  What should I do?
Each school creates items for purchase and assigns them to students. Once assigned, they will appear in the Student “Items” tab on School Cash Online. Please contact your school if you do not see the item(s) you require.

  • Can I receive email notifications letting me know that there are items to be purchased?
Yes, email notifications are sent to the account holder when new items are uploaded to your child’s profile. To verify that you have accepted email notifications, select the “My Account” tab and then the “Manage Email Notifications” option. Click on the option to activate the email notification, and then select the “CHANGE” button to save your information.

  • How often will I receive email notifications?
Email notifications are sent when new items have been posted and assigned to your child.

  • Is there a cost to School Cash Online?
Yes. There is an annual cost per school to provide the convenience of School Cash Online. This cost will be reflected in the cost of items, similar to retail transactions. The cost to provide this convenience is estimated at 2% of items (excluding donations).   

Items will be priced the same regardless of the method of payment chosen.

  • Will parents still be able to pay by cheque or cash?
Yes. Parents without access to a computer or Internet connection will still be able to pay by cheque or cash. Cheque is the preferred option in order to help minimize cash in schools.

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We are very excited to announce that we will be offering parents the convenience of paying online for school activities, field trips and sports events, in the near future.

For safety and efficiency reasons, we want to reduce the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. School related expenses will be available online for you to make payments during the school year soon.

You can register for your online payment account now. Click on the image below to get started.
Click here to register or login.

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