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Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club

The JDSS breakfast program serves between 180 to 250 students every morning.  We offer juice, water, cheese, crackers, yogurt, granola bars and fresh fruit.  This year the breakfast program chose to become more environmentally friendly by not handing out individual water bottles; instead we have water coolers from which the students can refill their own water bottles throughout the day.  This has been a well-received addition to our program.  We also attempt to keep a large fruit bowl full of fresh fruit for students to help themselves to during their breaks.  

It is important that the breakfast program be available to all students.  We have many students who leave home early to travel to school on the bus or come to school for early morning practices.  As we all know, our teens are growing quickly and need the fuel to be able to do their school work.  Many of our students have eaten before leaving home, but just need an extra snack before class.

Our breakfast program has been fortunate to receive financial support and donations through community businesses, organizations, students, parents, ‘Canadian Living’ and grants.  Anyone wishing to contribute can do so by contacting Lee Cardwell, 364-3770 ext. 331.  Your support is appreciated.