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Plan Your Future

Career Planning

Students who are considering future careers can check out the following resources.  Usernames and passwords are available at Student Services or at the Library.

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Find the right career, explore education and training options, and build a portfolio using this online guidance and planning system.

Use this interactive education planning tool to make informed decisions about your education.  Plan and track your high school courses, explore post-secondary pathways, and record your community volunteer hours.

Post-Secondary Planning

The Ontario University Guide is available at  This guide includes a list of university programs by category, a degree locator chart, information about additional admission criteria, liaison numbers, residence, and much more.  Even if you are not yet ready to apply for university, make sure you go to to check out what programs might best suit you.

The Ontario College Guide is available at  This guide includes a list of college programs by category, an area of study chart, admission information, residence information, information about highly competitive programs, and much more.

Note that many colleges and universities offer collaborative college/university programs, and that transfer agreements are often available between Ontario colleges and universities.  For more information about transfer agreements, see The Ontario College to University Transfer Guide at

If you are planning to attend university/college in the United States, you must write the SAT test(s).  These tests are written at JDSS on the first Saturday in December.  Although it is possible to write the SATs on a standby basis, you are encouraged to register before the deadline at the end of October and avoid paying an additional standby fee.  For more information, visit and/or visit Student Services.

If you are considering postsecondary education outside of Canada, you may want to visit Brain Track, a guide to higher education institutions in 189 countries, including many in Australia, Europe, and North America.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) guidebooks usually arrive in early April.  Watch for announcements about upcoming information sessions at the school (mid-April).There is no need to apply until you accept an offer of admission from a college or university.  Application forms and further information are available at
For most university entrance scholarships, your application for admission is also your application for scholarship.  However, there are many scholarships for which separate applications must be made.  It is your responsibility to check the deadlines for applications and get your application in on time!  Student Services posts updated information on scholarships as it arrives, and announcements are made on the PA system.  Two great sites to get you started are Student Awards, Canada's free financial aid resource, and Scholarships Canada.

Last Modified: Jun 01, 2017
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