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Safe Schools Team
Safe Schools

The Safe Schools Team at JDSS is part of our school's anti-bullying initiative, which strives to ensure all students and educational workers have a positive, safe environment in which to learn and work.  The Anti-Bullying Committee meets monthly.  If you have a concern about safety at our school, please contact a team member or any other staff member.

Safe School Policy Statement

John Diefenbaker Secondary School is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, secure teaching and learning environment for its students, staff and community members.

“Any violent act of which the school community is aware will result in some form of intervention which is designed to respond to the perpetrator and the victim.  The level of intervention and the consequences issued will be directly related to the severity of the violence and the established needs of the circumstance.”

Safe Schools Team

Mark Ozorio
Vice Principal
Roselyn Hurst (Secondary VP), Brenda Serbin (Elementary VP)
Paul Scott (Co-Chair), Steve Peckham, Brian Chittick, Lisa Emke, Cathy Caicco
Non-Teaching Staff Member(s)
John Louther (Head Custodian), Lee Cardwell (Education Assistant)
Community Partners
Sgt. Rob DeGroot (Hanover Police Services), Robyn Hewson (Nurse Practioner, North Huron Family Health Team), Kara Windross (Social Worker, Hanover Family Health Team)
Sherri DeGroot
Mya-Lynn Lawrence, Aleesha DeGroot, Selina Lawrence, Max Vercouteren, Eryn Rumsey, Paige Brooker