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Safe & Accepting Schools
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Our Safe School Committee, meets to make recommendations to promote the on-going safe, inclusive and accepting culture.  In so doing, the committee, reviews annually the Code of Conduct.

Excerpt from Education Act, Regulation 298
A pupil shall
  • be diligent in attempting to master such studies as are part of the program in which the pupil is enrolled:
  • exercise self-discipline;
  • accept such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent;
  • attend classes punctually and regularly;
  • be courteous to fellow pupils and obedient and courteous to teachers;
  • be clean in person and habits;
  • take such tests and examinations as are required by or under the Act or as may be directed by the Minister; and
  • show respect for school property.
When a pupil returns to school after an absence, a parent of the pupil, or the pupil where the pupil is an adult, shall give the reason for the absence orally or in writing as the principal requires.

A pupil may be excused by the principal from attendance at school temporarily at any time at the written request of a parent of the pupil or the pupil where the pupil is an adult.

Every pupil is responsible for his or her conduct to the principal of the school that the pupil attends,
  • on the school premises;
  • on out-of-school activities that are part of the school program; and
  • while travelling on a school bus that is owned by a board or on a bus or school bus that is under contract to a board.

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Safe & Accepting Schools Policy & Procedures

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy & Procedures

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J.D.S.S. Safe School Policy Statement

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  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Survey Results
panel expand or collapseCommittee Members
Mark Ozorio, Principal
Roselyn Hurst, Secondary VP
Brenda Serbin, Elementary VP

Paul Scott, Co-Chair
Steve Peckham
Brian Chittick
Lisa Emke
Cathy Caicco

Non-Teaching Staff
John Louther, Head Custodian
Lee Cardwell (Educational Assistant)

Community Partners
Sgt. Rob DeGroot (Hanover Police Services)
Robyn Hewson (Nurse Practioner, North Huron Family Health Team)
Kara Windross (Social Worker, Hanover Family Health Team)

Sherri DeGroot

Mya-Lynn Lawrence
Aleesha DeGroot
Selina Lawrence
Max Vercouteren
Eryn Rumsey
Paige Brooker

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Last Modified: Jun 29, 2015
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